Silver Trevally

Cooking Method

Steam, poach, deep-fry, pan-fry, bake, grill, barbecue, smoke, pickle. It tends to be dry so marinating prior to cooking helps prevent drying out, as does wrapping in foil or banana leaves if baking or barbecuing.




Two very similar species are marketed as silver trevally, P.dentex grows much larger and has more bony, enlarged scales near the base of the tail. Available wild-caught, they are free-swimming marine fish found in coastal to off-shore waters, mainly near reefs where they feed on smaller schooling fish, and caught off southern Australia (from Shark Bay, WA to Rockhampton, QLD) by line and trawl net offshore as well as by gill and tunnel nets in bays and estuaries.

Other Names

Blurter; Ranger, Sand Trevally; Silver Bream; Skippy, Skipjack Trevally, White Trevally.


Carangidae (Trevallies).


Available year round, with peaks from November – May.

Size and Weight

Silver commonly 35-60cm and 400g-2.5kg, but can grow to 18kg and 122cm. Skipjack are much smaller, typically about 30cm.