VMS stops working while I am at sea

If a fisher becomes aware that the VMS unit on their vessel has ceased working during a fishing trip, they must immediately contact the Operations Duty Officer.

The Operations Duty Officer will grant approval to continue fishing if satisfied there are special circumstances justifying the granting the approval. The duty officer will consider special circumstances apply if satisfied that:

Detailed information is found in the Regulatory Guidelines. (PDF – 394.3 KB)

Service One

The unit was operating prior to the boat leaving port;

Service Two

The operator is low risk (has a history of compliance).

Frequently Requirement to specify and maintain method of communication on board a vessel

The Fisheries Regulations regulation 472 require that fishers have onboard the vessel a mobile or satellite phone that the VFA can call at any time that it needs to communicate with the operator when they are on the boat and acting under the licence.

Approved Communication Device Order (PDF – 426.1 KB)

After the VMS unit is installed, and at least 5 business days before the boat is used for fishing, the licence holder must inform the VFA in writing on the approved communication notice of the telephone number.

Communication Notice (WORD – 3.4 MB)

The completed communication notice should be sent to:

Victorian Fisheries Authority
PO Box 4509
Melbourne VIC 3001

Email: [email protected]

The notice must include the name of the responsible person (operator), registration number of the boat that the VMS system is installed on and the telephone number of the approved communication method.

The nominated operator must make all reasonable efforts to respond in a timely manner to communications from the VFA. When the nominated operator is engaged in dive fishing, they must ensure the mobile phone is monitored by a deckhand.

VFA Contact details

Commercial Licensing Unit (business hours)

If you have any questions about the VMS system or administration including registering a VMS unit on a vessel

Phone: (03) 8392 6860

Email : [email protected]

Operations Duty Officer (24 hours)

If you have any questions about the VMS system or adIf your VMS is not working and you are seeking approval to manually report during your fishing trip

Phone : 0419 844 781