Commercial Pipi Fishery

Pipi Fishery

The Victorian Pipi Fishery

Pipi is the common name given to the small bivalve, Donax deltoides, which is found on high-energy sandy beaches in the intertidal zone.  Pipi have naturally large spatial and temporal variations in recruitment, settlement and distribution, influenced by environmental factors.  Pipi are found from the Eyre Peninsula to Kingston in South Australia, through Tasmania and Victoria, to Fraser Island in south-eastern Queensland.


The new Victorian Pipi Fishery commenced on 1 April 2020. Pipi Fishery Access Licences have been issued for the Discovery Bay and Venus Bay commercial management zones. The Total Allowable Catch for the 2020/2021 season has been set at 10 tonne in Discovery Bay Western Zone, 40 tonne in Discovery Bay Eastern Zone and 2 tonne in the Venus Bay Commercial Zone.

Spatial management

There is evidence to suggest that localised depletion of the resource can occur. Therefore, in order to
manage the risk of serial, localised depletion, the Victorian pipi fishery will be managed spatially by zones.