Sustainable Fishing

Tips For Sustainable Fishing

Some sustainable fishing guidelines for you.

Including reducing damage to fish, and fishing equipment that can be used in Victoria.

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Fishing Rules & Regulations

Help you to find fishing rules and regulations in Victoria.

Including protected fish species, prohibited fishing areas, and government rules & policies for commercial fishing.

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Dispose of Old Fishing Gear

Do you know how to dispose of old fishing gear correctly?

Including a detailed guideline about how to dispose of fishing lines, fishing hooks and fishing nets. A FAQ is provided.

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Best fishing locations

Help you to find some best fishing locations in Victoria

Here is a map including a lot of fishing locations in Victoria, and fish species you can fish

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Billions of people around the world rely on fish as a source of protein and fishing is the principal livelihood of millions.

But many of the world’s fisheries have been pushed beyond their biological limits. Some are even at the point of collapse. Overfishing is a major problem globally, due largely to poor fisheries management and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Buy sustainable wild seafood

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Sustainable Seafood Restaurants

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Marine Biodiversity

Factors that contribute to loss of marine biodiversity

Do you know there are various factors that contribute to loss of marine ...

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Restoration of marine biodiversity

Do you know that we can restore marine biodiversity in the oceans?

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